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A new development may impact transplant patient care.

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What is going on?

The entities responsible for determining Medicare coverage are reviewing the clinical evidence for post-transplant tests, such as CareDx’s AlloMap and AlloSure. In addition,  on a yearly basis insurance companies are looking at coverage for these tests.

These reviews could potentially impact your access to these tests.

Why does this matter to you?

AlloMap and AlloSure help detect issues with transplants earlier than traditional testing while also helping patients avoid invasive procedures like biopsies. These tests have been trusted by the transplant community for over 15 years for heart transplant recipients and over 5 years in kidney transplant recipients.

How can you help?

We encourage you to voice your opinion on the importance of these tests by submitting the form below. Your response will be sent to the agencies responsible for these reviews. Feel free to include your own personal AlloSure or AlloMap story for a more direct impact on your care.

Our Patient Care Managers (PCMs) can help get you scheduled for your next AlloSure